"At The University of Leeds, staff in both University Security Services and in Residential and Commercial Services, have been working hard to reduce the level of crimes on University residential sites, and raise the level of student satisfaction with security measures on the sites. So far, significant improvements have been made in both areas, BUT we also need to identify where we can make improvements, and whether we can demonstrate that we manage security in an effective way.

We initially heard about Secured Environments at a Student Safety and Security Conference in London in October 2008, and made contact with PRCI Limited shortly afterwards. This national scheme seemed to offer a third party audit of our security management within Residences, and if we were successful, would recognise the efforts of all staff involved, and the award could potentially offer reassurance to both students and their families, that we operate a safe living and working environment in Residences, at The University of Leeds.

Once registered, we were asked to submit an array of security management assessments, reports and information as initial evidence, prior to the audit visit. The audit then took a complete day to look at University Residences and Security Services, and the comprehensive programme included a visit of a number of sites, followed by discussions with various staff from across the complete range of the workforce, from Assistant Director down to Domestic Assistant level. We felt that the audit was conducted in a thorough and professional manner, and it has provided some impartial advice on where we can improve.

In summary, the award of Secured Environments accreditation has recognised the hard work that has been undertaken by all staff, and which still continues at The University of Leeds. We certainly aim to incorporate the Secured Environments logo within our marketing material, so that we can demonstrate that we take security seriously, and that both students and staff can expect to work and live in a safe environment in Residences at The University of Leeds."

Mike Leonard, Residential Property Manager, University of Leeds Residences

Upon re-certification in 2018, Mike added:

"The University of Leeds continues to work at improving the safety and security of its students, visitors and staff. University of Leeds Residences has been awarded Secured Environments accreditation since 2009, and The University works with a local crime prevention partnership, for the safety of all HE & FE students working and living in Leeds."


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