"The importance of audits cannot be over emphasised, they allow an independent professional auditor to examine closely the practices and procedures within an organisation, to comment, praise and critique areas in an unbiased manner; this allows the organisation to celebrate successes as well as address identified shortfalls and thus continually improve; in addition it allows for bench-marking across a sector or against similar organisations.

The Secured Environments (SE) accreditation is a UK National Police approved accreditation conducted by an industry qualified professional with many years’ experience in both practical security measures and research thus being able to make very valid and relevant comments during the auditing process.

In the competitive education sector it is important to be able to demonstrate the University is serious about maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, staff and visitors alike.

The SE audit surveyed staff to gain views and perceptions from those served by Security Services, examined the commitment of the Senior Management Team to both support and finance the services required to maintain a secured environment and also interviewed staff and examined procedures and documentary evidence in support of the measured criteria.

This award recognises the efforts of all those involved in supporting the objective of maintaining a secured environment as well as demonstrating to prospective students seeking to attend the University that the Organisation cares about their wellbeing."

Brian Schofield, Head of Security Services, University of Bath


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