Previous Accreditations

"As a people organisation we are all too aware of the potential serious consequences for our staff and the organisation itself of working in an insecure environment. Conscious and subconscious risk assessment is an everyday occurrence for any business. Taking part in the Secured Environments scheme has enabled us to take stock of our existing processes and identify potential areas of vulnerability. It has proved invaluable in terms of future business development and will be regularly reviewed as the business continues to grow."

"Secured Environments has provided us with a unique opportunity to review our security practices. By focusing on strategy, processes and people the scheme has enabled us to develop an ongoing plan that will remain an inherent part of our business management. Business security is so much more than ‘locks and bolts’ but for many organisations can remain low on their list of priorities until it is too late."

"The accreditation process forced us to think hard about issues such as the security of clients' information and staff safety and to review our systems for ensuring that we are thinking about these matters on a continuous basis."

Managing Director, Media Outcomes


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