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Police Crime Prevention Initiatives owns and operates the trading entity Secured by Design (SBD) on behalf of the Police Services of the United Kingdom. The organisation's Board members include Chief Constables, including the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Crime Prevention Lead and the organisation works with police officers around the country.

Why SBD was created
SBD was born out of the housing boom of the 60s, 70s and 80s when construction was about meeting the high demand quickly and often cheaply. It meant estates, developments and homes were built in such a way that criminals could operate and escape unnoticed. Many areas were hit by an increase in crime, particularly burglary. In response, SBD was formed by a group of police officers who realised that good design and physical security could reduce crime and create safer communities. This is underpinned by extensive research from around the world showing that Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) works to reduce crime and the fear of crime and that it can be used to create stronger and happier communities.

How SBD works
SBD works closely with organisations involved in setting building standards, granting planning permission and building homes, educational establishments, commercial premises and even car parks. The work focusses mainly on:

  • Providing guidance on environmental design. Based on sound academic principles, the advice seeks to achieve secure environments and spaces from the design phase and at every point thereafter.
  • Ensuring product quality. SBD accredits a range products, such as doors, windows, skylights, locks, sheds, cycle storage, and many other types of security products. These products have been independently tested and certificated to high standards and are then able to apply for the ‘Police Preferred Specification’ accreditation. This enables consumers and builders to select products that they can rely on to provide the level of security they require.

Secured by Design aims to create secure communities that are as far as possible free of crime and the fear of crime and thereby reduce the demand placed on public services and the police.

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