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Crime and Disorder Statement

Interior1CAll organisations that register to become a Secured Environment will need to complete a Crime and Disorder Statement. The purpose of the statement is to demonstrate an understanding of crime in the local area and how this impacts on site security. The standard format is described below. Alternative formats may be considered for multi-site organisations and for organisations where the local Police Designing Out Crime Officer (DOCO) is unable to assist. This will be determined on a case by case basis and advice should be sought from the team.

The statement will include information on the local area, the site itself and situational security recommendations from a local police expert. The organisation will then have to create an action plan to respond to the recommendations. The following section explains the process.

Once registered for the accreditation organisations will be given the contact details for their local Police DOCO who will be able to assist the organisation to complete its Crime and Disorder Statement. Depending on the contribution the DOCO deems to be necessary a site survey may be conducted and/or the DOCO may read/amend/contribute to the statement drafted by the organisation. The Statement consists of four parts:

Local Context

This section will provide relevant information relating to the surrounding area, premises, estates, offenders, and victims and will paint a picture to inform crime risk for a Secured Environments applicant. This will be completed using publicly accessible data sources or making a request to a police force under the freedom of information act.


This section will be an appraisal of reported, recorded crime and disorder relating directly to the site including statistical data. This will be completed using company records or publicly accessible data sources or making a request to a police force under the freedom of information act.

Situational Security RecommendationsExterior4B

This section will be completed by the DOCO (or by the applicant based on feedback received from the DOCO) and will provide the organisation with appropriate, realistic and cost commensurate situational security recommendations informed by the local context, site appraisal and site survey. It is important to note however, that it is recognised that management of security and the presence of and adherence to appropriate processes and procedures can reduce the need for overt physical security measures in some cases. It will be for the applicant to justify how it mitigates against the DOCO recommended physical security standards, in the action plan that is developed.

Action Plan

In response to the recommendations organisations will be required to create an action plan. The action plan will include people, process and situational improvement. It should include a timeline for action, and current progress against each action e.g. 'completed' or 'working towards'.



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