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Working in insecure environments has serious consequences for employees and the organisation itself. It can be the cause of low staff morale, and high staff absence and turnover. For staff it can result in physical injury or psychological distress. This can represent a real financial cost to the organisation, as well as affect the confidence of a business, its profitability and even its viability. Costs can also arise from expensive insurance premiums and compensation payments. These are in addition to costs that can arise directly from crimes that are preventable, such as burglary or vandalism or anti social behaviour. Therefore it is essential for organisations to strive to create a secure working environment.

This principle asks you to demonstrate how committed the organisation is to creating a secure environment. To achieve this you need to be able to show that high level commitment exists. Managers need to show that they have taken steps to help to create a safe and secure working environment and staff need to believe that the organisation is committed to creating a secure environment.


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