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Secured Environments Accreditation Costs

Exterior7AThe costs of accreditation depend on the size and structure of your organisation, and the costs are divided into two phases, an initial registration fee and an audit fee.

It costs just £500 + VAT to register for Secured Environment accreditation; once you have registered you can access the secure area of the Secured Environments website. This has been designed to provide you with a range of information needed to achieve accreditation. It will also provide you with access to reasonable personal support for your organisation which will be available electronically and over the phone.

The cost of the audit will vary with type, size and structure of the organisation. The smaller and simpler the structure (e.g. fewer sites), the less it will cost. Of course when you contact us we will work out the cost of accreditation. That way you can best decide whether the scheme offers good value, we believe it will.

By separating the charge for registration and audit the costs of becoming a Secured Environment can be split across two financial years making budgeting easier to manage.

If you feel that you need more support to achieve the accreditation that cannot be offered by email or over the phone you can arrange for one of our trained advisors and security experts to visit your organisation. They can take you through each of the steps and assess what changes you need to make to meet the criteria and become certified. This costs just £750 plus VAT and travel expenses.


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