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Case Studies

Audit Case Study 1: A London Landmark

The Lloyd’s Building, the home of the insurance market, is located in London’s main financial district in the City of London. The building was opened in 1986 and was Grade 1 listed in December 2011. The crime problems faced by Lloyd’s are slight although the threats remain ever present. Lloyd’s was keen to obtain the award because it wanted an independent check of its security operations, it was a way in which the organisation could assess its overall performance and receive feedback. It also wanted something to signal to stakeholders, and this includes those who work in the building, that it takes security seriously and responds appropriately.


Audit Case Study 2: A Shopping Centre

This Shopping Centre is located in an enclosed shopping mall and includes leading brands. The primary security problems faced by the centre are low-level nuisance behaviour from time to time, although it always needs to be prepared for the occasional more serious incident. The centre was keen to obtain the Secured Environments accreditation both as a means of testing its procedures against independent assessment and because management wanted to show shoppers, tenants and the owner of the premises that security was being taken seriously.


Audit Case Study 3: A University

This University is an urban university spread over a large land space and has 3000 staff and more than four times as many students, about a third of which are resident on the campus. The primary problems that the university faces are anti-social behaviour by students, low-level violence and drug use, walk in thefts and vehicle crime. The university was very keen to be audited for the Secured Environments award in order to highlight any areas where improvements could be made and also as an endorsement of the considerable commitment that had been made to security and crime prevention over the preceding 5 years.

Audit Case Study 4: A Hospital

The hospital is located in a 69 acres site, situated on the southern edge of the city, a short distance from the city centre, surrounded by a combination of open land and residential areas. It is a teaching hospital with academic and research departments and employs just under 8000 staff. Approximately 10,000 people are present on site each day, generating a number of potential security risks. These include violent incidents, cycle thefts, and anti-social behaviour (a proportion of which relate to violent, drunk and abusive behaviour by people at the hospital). Aggression towards staff also includes incidents involving patients with limited mental capacity, which are particularly difficult to prevent. The hospital pursued the Secured Environments award as evidence of its commitment to the provision of a secure environment for its patients, staff and visitors. The award was of particular interest because it fitted well with the work already required for the NHS national security management strategy.


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