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“We are thrilled to again be awarded the Secured Environments (SE) accreditation at The University of Sheffield. Secured Environments is a police certification scheme awarded to organisations that are able to show that they have adopted six key principles for protecting themselves against crime. There are other accreditation schemes available, but none have got the same academic merit and background as SE.

This accreditation allows us to demonstrate to students, staff and visitors at our University that we are committed to security and safety, and that this has been independently audited against a high set of standards outlined by Police Crime Prevention Initiatives. 

Our accreditation covers the main city academic campus, University-owned accommodation and our research and design facilities in the Innovation district. It remains one of the largest evaluations that SE have ever done but it was imperative that we ensured that our accreditation covered our numerous buildings and public areas.

Achieving this award has been a University-wide effort, from the Vice-Chancellor and UEB, senior management and the security team, and the unprecedented number of colleagues who supported us by completing a survey.  

The accreditation is valid for three years and it will be beneficial across colleagues, students and the local community, as well as the University’s business and research interests. It is a validation that our security practises and processes are to a high standard and we will continue to work hard to ensure this remains the case.”

Richard Yates, Head of Security, The University of Sheffield


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